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Thanks for the input.

I have shot rifles with the scout scope before and really liked it. What mount do you have? I've seen 2 different companies, whose names escape me at the moment, each for around $150 if I recall correctly. Not sure if the mount would interfere with the iron sights or not, so I haven't ordered one till I figure out what scope to do.

I already have the rings for a traditional mount, as they came with the gun, but I'm always a bit weary of mounting a scope over the ejector like on the mini. I understand that they are designed to toss the brass away from the scope, but it still sticks in my mind. That being said, I've never shot a scoped mini, so I'm sure it wouldn't bother me for long.

As for the red dot idea, my AR sports one, so I'm looking for something else for the mini.
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