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Actually, I think I'll just catch up with Rick and Jim at the next gunshow and have them autograph my latest copy. It's time Rick and I have another good long talk because I need his help in tracking down a few things.

Frustrated? Crying? Try laughing my ass off at people who try to make arbitary determinations of precise, perfect nomenclature on based on what they think they know and what they think others should do.

I'm not the once screaming NO! NO! NO! at the top of my lungs every time someone has the temerity to utter those dread forbidden words "Pre Model 10!"

It's almost as amusing as the people who go into apoplectic fits when someone sticks Long in between .45 and Colt.

Unlike the screechers, I know EXACTLY what someone is talking about when they say pre-Model 10, post Registered Magnum, or Victory Model, NONE of which was ever an official nomenclature, but all three of which serve a very useful purpose.

Oh well.
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