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Understand that we are never safe. Ever. It matters not if you like semi-auto rifles or muzzleloaders, precision bolt action rifles or airguns, the anti-gun forces do not care and will not rest until they have effectively disarmed everyone.
This is my belief as well. I hope no one is out there thinking that just because you shoot black powder that this issue does not concern you. Remember that old saying, "When they came for the Catholics, I didn't speak up because I wasn't Catholic..." and so on, until no one was left to speak up when they came for you.

The President's executive orders are largely harmless. That is because the President is not a king and cannot pass legislation directly. It's unlikely that there will be any legislation will be passed. In fact it is unlikely that the currently proposed AWB will even be allowed for a vote - they won't risk voting on it if they don't have the votes to win because then everyone who voted for it will get voted out of office for nothing.

We are probably pretty safe with black powder guns...until someone goes on a shooting spree with a pair of BP revolvers or a repeating carbine.

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