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Feeling down about lack of small pistol primers...

I shoot an even mix of .22 LR, .45 ACP, and 9mm, about 800 total rounds each month. I was lucky enough to stock up on .22 back in November, so I've got an 8 month supply of that.

I've got more than 1K each bullets for .45 and 9mm, and Berry's doesn't seem to have any problem taking new orders and shipping them in a relatively timely fashion, even with all the madness.

I also have plenty of brass. I was previously using .45 brass with large primer pockets, but I purchased 2K pieces of once-fired brass, all with small primer pockets. I figured at the time that it would be simpler to use small pistol primers for everything.

Powder's not an issue, and Cabelas near me has Bullseye in stock if I need more.

So that leaves me with a primer shortage. I guess I was lucky enough to place an order with Powder Valley before they announced they would no longer accept backorders on primers, but who knows how long it will be before they get more in stock?

My last check on gunbroker showed several people were bidding $100+ for 1000 small pistol primers (about 4X what Powder Valley charges) and I refuse to pay panic prices for anything.

I guess I'm stuck and that makes me sad. My Sunday morning shooting ritual is one of my favorite parts of the week.
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