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I HAVE SHOT UP tens of thousands of 38/357 lightweight bullets in 9MM PARABELLUM pistols. IF you'd care to check almost ALL European 9MM pstols have ID barrel diameters the same as our 38/357 american pistol barrels. The BR-HP I slugged the other day had a groove diameter of .3572".
The ONLY 9MM pistols barrels I've slugged that ran a consistent .355" have been the S&W pistols barrels from all their 9MM's from my first M39 50 years ago to all the others since. YEP, I have run many many 38 bullets through the S&W 9MM barrels also without a problem. MATTER OF FACT I have shot up thousands of the SPEER 38 CALIBER SWAGED LEAD 158grSWC BULLETS through my last M39 without a hitch. The latter M39 has not spent a day unloaded since 1971 when I got it in a trade.
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