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^^ What he said. Minorities here are arming themsleves as fast as whites. They are not buying into the nonsense.

What we have transcends typical stereotypes. What we enjoy is a Black Sherriff of a mainly Urban County, who is not afraid to speak the truth.

He's speaking to a complete mix of people: Urban Minorities, Suburban Mothers, Rural "Classic John Deere Hat Wearing Gents", the lot. It's refreshing.

Of note is the fact that we are just over a year from being a Shall Issue state, as opposed to a "good luck getting a CCW" state. The old mantras "The blood will be running in the streets" were trotted out, and as expected didn't materialize. The bottom line is that even the antis are recognizing that... well... the actual fact is that things are safer now, and that "well.. they lied to me about that, are they lying to me about EBR's?" is not an unknown thought.

In the LGS we have the same exact mix of folks described above buying firearms and taking CCW classes. It's interesting to see an obviously limited budget black woman "of age" being shown a relatively inexpensive handgun for purchase standing next to well dressed businessmen looking at Kimbers. The funny thing is that in this paradigm, all are respectful and smiling at each other. The enthusiast helps the newcomer. People who would never have other cause to socialize are coming into contact with each other and are learning that we have more in common than we have as differences. We all want to be safe and secure, and to be able to protect our loved ones. It's a fine time to live here.

What a pleasure to have this Gentleman as my local CLEO. He's the anti-Obama.


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