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Scout scope

I am getting the mini-14 scout mount this weekend since I heard that is a good accessory for dispersing the heat and stabilizing the barrel (please, understand that I have a 186 model ""). I am currently using the after market ATI stock of which I am not completely thrilled, mainly because of the wobble factor in the folding stock. That having been said, I really enjoy the mini set up with a scout scope (1-7 pwr). I feel that I get a much faster target acquisition with it and my aging eyes don't have any difficulty adjusting to it. Besides, a regular scope would probably make me out shoot my rifle and I don't want to feel like I need a new rifle in today's day and age. I have an off-brand scout scope, can't remember the make and rifle is not in front of me, which serves me well. Of course, you do what works best for you, but I would suggest giving the scout mounted scope a try. You may never like a traditionally mounted scope again.
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