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Originally Posted by mendozer
You lost me on the parallax at 50 yd thing. I'm a newb to scopes
This explanation is a bit technical but not too hard to follow and it explains parallax better than anything else I've come across and I recommend reading it. Put in simple terms parallax errors are aiming errors introduced when your eye isn't lined up with the crosshairs 100% perfectly each and every time you bring the scope up to your eye. Close one eye and hold one finger vertically at arms length like the front sight of a rifle - now move your head from side to side a few inches and you'll see your "point of aim" shifts. That's an extreme example of what parallax shift is. With a scope your eye placement maybe off just a tiny bit and thus throw off your aim just a little teeny-tiny bit - small fractions of an inch at say 25yds. The manufacturers correct for this at a set distance - roughly 50 or 60yds for rimfire scopes (depending on the manufacturer) and 100 or 120yds for centerfire scopes. Everything nearer or farther is close enough for hunting and plinking but at short ranges leave the possibility of just enough error to frustrate a target shooter. Anyway read the link because it explains it better than I can.

As a side note fixed focus rimfire scopes are usually set to be in focus from roughly 25yds on.
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