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One, this is beyond the Federal Government's business.

Two, that this is an issue for our states to handle individually.

Three, that all this will do is boost the crime rate for gun theft.

BigDinFL, basically you are saying that it is perfectly within your rights to:

A) Sell a gun to an 11 year old, from across town who answered your add because he was being bullied at school and wanted "protection"

b) Sell a gun to ex-con who is loaded with prison tattoos, sporting his gang colors and bragging about the crap he has done and hopes to do.

c) Sell a gun to your neighbor who you KNOW beats his wife and has threatened to kill her.

d) Sell a gun to the neighborhood nut who walks around town having intense arguments with himself and threatens anybody who approaches.


If a person does any of the above, to my mind there should be consequences. I don't have a good balanced solution to this problem but am participating in this discussion with the hopes of finding such a solution. So for myself, I will continue to transfer through an FFL.
What a bunch of strawman BS due - let's come back to reality.

You must not remember the days when folks put ads in the paper with their home number and address and folks came over with cash and bought whatever you were selling - I do, it was NO BIG DEAL. I have sold guns at garage sales (and bought some too) where we didn't even exchange first names, let alone our entire history.

YOU are free to do it anyway you want, but trying to state that we should ALL do it YOUR way or face criminal charges IS acting like Bloomberg and wanting a nanny state

This is NOT something that should be anywhere near being handled at the Federal level - NO social issue is. We need this tyranny to grow smaller, not larger with more impediments in peoples' lives to do what they want with their property
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