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I still don't feel it's right for gun shops to "stick it to" new gun buyers or internet customers because they can make an extra 25% or whatever right now.
He isn't "sticking it" or anything else to anyone. What good does it for the owner if he sells at below market price and then doesn't have enough money to reorder new inventory? He is then out of business. NO ONE is forcing you or anyone else to buy from him. He should sell it below market price because someone didn't do their due diligence and plan accordingly? Or sell it below market so someone can buy them, put them on GB and make a killing and then brag about it on here?

Read the story about The Little Red Hen - the parallel is there.

Never ceases to amaze me how so many folks have no idea how retail works. Most do not realize how many locales raised a LOT of tax rates effective January 1, including a new Federal payroll tax to fund Obamacare. The owner has to recoup those costs as well as increased costs from the makers, who have always had a price increase about this time of year - even when there was no panic - anywhere from 5-10%.....Time to take a look at ALL of the factors behind price increases - and if you are underfunded or refuse to pay the market rate - then wait and hope the prices come down or that that particular gun will still be available.
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