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I think I should share an absolutely terrifying experience that took place about seven years ago with my much older next door neighbor (we moved years ago BTW).

We were standing out in his driveway with my then seven year old son discussing various things and he decides he wants to show me the new gun he had bought. It is a S&W revolver with some Crimson Trace grips. Before handing it to me he is showing me the various things he likes about it and then says; "look at your sons chest".

I look and there is a red dot on there. He moves it around a little and tells me it is well zeroed. I remain calm but move in front of my son slowly.

He then hands it to me, I roll it open and all the chambers are all full.

I actually broke out into a cold sweat. For me that is actually pretty significant as I am not startled easily.

One of the reasons it was so terrifying is that I knew another man (an NRA certified instructor, range safety officer, collegiate level rifle team coach) who had accidentally shot and killed a 10 year old boy at a range in the building I used to work in. He had done this while showing a teacher a handgun.

I knew my neighbor was not nearly as careful.

I never talked with my neighbor much after that.

If you follow the rules 99.9999% of the time everything will be ok. The odds drop hard and fast when you don't.
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