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It was just an accident in which no one was seriously injured. Saying there is no excuse for it is like saying there is no excuse for getting in any kind of accident.
Accidents happen. When a firearm goes off when it's not supposed to, however, it's not an accident, it's negligence. The attitude that says, "Oh, it's just an accident" is the kind that minimizes the severity of what happened. It's what makes people complacent, and makes them do something stupid.

If that person had done everything exactly as he had done before, except someone got shot as a result, would you be throwing around the "It was just an accident"? Of course not. You'd probably say he was negligent. Negligence happens whether someone is hurt or not.

The individual involved was certainly not using proper gun handling rules but I'm willing to bet that each and every one of us has at one time or another broken a gun safety rule.
Whether I have broken the rules or not is irrelevant. He broke them and his firearm discharged. I haven't had that happen. By the way, do you do dry fire practice? If you do, you're breaking at least 1 of the rules, and sometimes as many as 3 of them. Yet most professional shooters say dry fire is mandatory. The difference is not being negligent while handling a firearm, regardless of the rules...period.

Hopefully this guy learned a valuable lesson and will never have it happen again.
That's a potentially expensive lesson. Someone could have been seriously hurt, or killed for it.
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