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Quit crying! Pick up a copy of Supica and Nahas "Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson" (the third edition is handy), drop by a gun show, go over to the Colt Forum or the Ruger or S&W forums and as you know collectors and gun aficionados name things and debate the variations. The nomenclature becomes accepted.

If you want to just call an old Registered Magnum from 1939 "an old gun in .357 Magnum" well your call. But if you want to know more about it, to see if the front and rear sights on your gun are factory or aftermarket and to learn the possible value of the gun then you go speak with the collectors and see their lingo and see that it has worth.

This may frustrate you all to heck, for some reason, but it's the case. Whether it's guns, small block Chevy's or Hummel figurines.

Some folks don't collect S&Ws, they just own a few old guns.

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