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Mainly looking for pro/cons of each of the 3 guns from rightfull gun owners not gun salesman :–)
Ha, yeah, I guess I got a little preachy there. Sorry about that; maybe I just had too many guns pointed at me yesterday...

My rant notwithstanding, I just wanted to stress to you that modern handguns without external safeties are still completely safe to carry. The only times I've seen negligent discharges with a gun like that are, A) when the person insists on keeping their finger on the trigger, B) when someone "clears" the gun without removing the loaded magazine, then pulls the trigger to dry fire, and C) when someone drops the gun and tries to catch it. All of those are situations easily avoided by a little training and common sense.

Also, I'd caution you against buying the P250 soley for its modular design. It's a neat and convenient design, don't get me wrong, but I've seen too many people trade the gun back in because they couldn't get used to the long DAO trigger pull.
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