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I feel your Pain Glenn.
Last three gun shows I went to were bust.
Normally I go just looking for new things I haven’t seen before and WWII Navy Stuff for my grandfather-in-law.

Went to one OK one here locally; prices were high, the show was kind of insane and this was in early December! I did get a "don't tread on me floormat" for my brother in law though. He liked it.

Went to a small one spurr of the moment in Wisconsin on the way back from Walmart...what a waste of money. All old beat up deer rifles and duck guns for almost as much as a new model. Very few modern firearms and those they had were overprices, ammo was 1.25-2x what it should have been.

Honestly, if Walmart sells a 50 round box of 9MM Federal FMJ for $13.99...and you CAN still find it at this price even to this do you get off trying to sell the same for $19.99 or $24.99?

Second gun show I went to up in WI was good in the past, sadly all of the guys I went there to see were absent from this show. No new cheap chi-com laser to keep my cats busy, no more cool old navy stuff for Grand-Dad and worst of all no good ammo dealers.
Yes they had people selling sheets, cheap chi-com knives, cheap jewelry. Lots of knock off and chi-com optics. Only one dealer selling "brand name" EOtechs, Aimpoints, ACOGS's etc and his prices are just a little high.

I did buy some PMAGS at a good price, but that was about it.

I think I am going to stay away from gunshows until at least the summer and then wait for a gunshow on an ungodly hot weekend. Maybe when it is 105F in some of these shows it will drive the panic buyers away. I have an advantage there, living in Florida for 7 years really thinned my blood!
"....The swords of others will set you your limits".
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