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First time suppressor purchase

This will be my first suppressor and I want to make sure I can get all I can the first time and buy once cry once. I have been looking at the Liberty Mystic and the Sparrow and all kinds of suppressors, its very confusing to make sure I am getting the right thing.

Let me start with basically what I will be shooting from

Sig Sauer P226 Combat
Sig 516 Piston AR 223 and have .22 conversion kit

These are the main two I will be firing from.

I was interested in the Mystic as it is user serviceable and handles all the calibers I need. I will be shooting 9mm, 223, and 22 through my conversion kit.

1) Should I look at something that will shoot all, or get something that shoots .223 and .22 that can be cleaned since I can get a .22 barrel for the p226, or should I look at the mystic because it also does 9mm?

2) I will mostly shoot .22 and some .223 should I just get a dedicated .22 or a .223 that I can clean, and if so what are some recomendations?

3) What has the easiest set up? as in how many different attachments do I need to go between both guns I would like to be able to put it on the AR and on the pistol. Do I need a booster for the pistol on .22? and then a fixed for the AR?

4) If I go with just a .22 now and later get a 5.56/.223 can later can the 5.56 can screw on to the same attachement as the.22?

Sorry if I am missing any parts and any help will be greatly appreciated. Like I said this will be my first purchase, and I want to do it right and know what all exactly I need to get and get the most bang for my buck. I have looked at countless threads and been doing alot of research on Gemtechs, YHM, Liberty, Silencerco and so forth. My main goal is to shoot from both guns, weither it be strictly .22 or multicaliber.

Thanks again for any help.
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