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Is the PX4 all they say it is? I'm really curious to try that rotating barrel.
In a word, yes. My brother in law just bought one a couple months back so I finally got to try a 9mm PX4. Three key take aways:

1) These things shoot nice, really nice. Even smoother than the 92FS.
2) I still like the 92FS way better and the slightly longer barrel helps accuracy (sights further apart).
3) Side by side against the Cougar (also a rotating barrel but older design ... the PX4 replaced it) the PX4 shoots quite a bit nicer. I still like the aluminum frame of the Cougar though and the grip on the Cougar has been what I call perfect. Think I still like the Cougar a little better overall but the PX4 is the nicer shooter.

I think I'll be picking one up some day (maybe in the .40)
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