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CNN article: AWB vs Handgun homicide rates

Interesting article. Why new laws could miss America's bigger gun problem
While far from objective, it is interesting to see a major media outlet actually acknowledge that an AWB would likely not significantly cut into the gun-related homicide rate:
Mallory Simon, CNN wrote:
Gun Homicides by weapon type [in 2011]:
Handguns: 72%
Rifles: 4%
Shotguns: 4%
Other: 1%
Unknown: 18%

...more than 6,000 people killed each year by handguns.

That's like having a massacre on the scale of Newtown 239 times during one year...

...But even if these [AWB] proposals make it through to legislation, what impact will they have on stemming the deaths by America's most deadly firearm? "
While not actually stating advocacy for registration and banning, this article continues to lay the foundation for increased gun control. Specifically, handguns. Or am I reading too much between the lines?
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