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The diamondback has fixed parallax at 100 yds and if you're shooing closer, which you likely will be with the 22, then the scope is pretty much useless as the fixed parallax with give significant errors with check weld.
Significant is obviously subjective but worthless is taking it too far. For decades rimfire shooters were pretty well stuck with centerfire scopes if they wanted 1" tubes and decent glass. Critters died just fine. The amount of potential parallax is less than most realise and actual parallax is even less. Basically, if your check weld habits are bad enough to have parallax issues with a scope below 10x you're a pretty bad shot anyway.

I know nothing about the Minox scope and the OP didn't specify which one he has. But from what I saw they are not AO either.

Now if either of the scopes is AO than I say put it on the one that see less action in the field. AO sucks for hunting and is not needed in the least outside of prairie dog towns, maybe.
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