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Ok I will call a spade a spade. but I will also not be using taht ammo for deer anymore. Hogs yes but deer no. I did nto shoot any of the Leverevolution yet but I also do nto see too many differances between the zombie BS. I only bought it becasue it was a cheaper "ballistic". lesson learned and i will pass it on to my noy and my friends. Back to $15 a box hollow point and lead nose for sure. Going back to the old and reliable. I have killed man deer with just that and thats what it will be from here on out. Also the rifle did have a scope and liek i mentioned it was sighted in the day before. Teh ballistics of the BT's was a hell of a lot different and shot abotu 5" higher that my "typical" ammo. I adjusted to that and fired a groupe of 3 at 2" and went with it. Now i need to sight that bad boy in again to ammo I trust and get more time behind the rifle. One last thing i have to add. The bone i found was abotu teh sixe of a nickle and was smooth/flat to the likes of a rib, but that could haev been the top or bottom of one and just not effective enough to get it done. Thank every one and i will let you all knwo hwta happens whit the switch back.
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