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Range safety - what should I have done?

I was at the range with my daughter recently and had an incident happen that the more I think about it the more irked I am. Not overly mad because it's in the past but I keep thinking about what could have happened.

We had about an hour wait for a lane so we went into the restaurant to get a bite to eat. The restaurant has a wall of windows facing the range so you can watch the shooting and the entrance to the range is right by the entrance to the restaurant. From where we were sitting at the counter we could see the table where people would set their things down, get their hearing/eye protection on and enter. I see a man and his 10ish year old son getting ready. Dad has a semi auto rifle of some sort and is having trouble with it. He keeps working the action and looking like he doesn't know how to operate this gun but as he is doing so he keeps pointing it right at me and others in the restaurant. Mostly pointed at me. I was nervous but not sure if I should have shouted out to him or just gone over to him or told someone.

It was one of those things that you don't realize the severity of it until it was over. What should I have done?
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