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Mike Irwin
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No. You will never see primers again.

Just as we never saw primers again after the 1992 shortage, and just as we never saw primers again after the 2008-10 shortage.

People who SAY that they purchased primers after 1992 or 2010?

Liars. Damned liars, the bunch of them.

"Maybe that is how the gov is going to control guns.No primers, no reloading, there already is almost no ammo in any of the local stores where I live."

Yep, you're right. Hundreds, if not thousands, of undercover gubmint agents have swarmed gunshops and gunshows buying up every last gun, round of ammo, and all of the components that they can find.

And the money to pay for all of that? It came from the UN!

Once all the guns and ammo are gone, those gubmint purchasers are going to don their baby blue helmets and PUT THEIR JACKBOOTS ON YOUR NECK! ON YOUR NECK!!! AND MAKE YOU GROVEL TO THE ONE WORLD GUBMINT!

For pete's sake. Why do you think that guns, ammo, and components are in short supply right now?

Could it have ANYTHING to do with gun rights advocates buying like mad becase:

A) Sandy Hook?

B) Obama won a second term in office?


C) Because of A plus B, there are now VERY strong efforts being made to push more draconian gun control, and that has gun rights advocates in a tizzy?

Please tell us that the first thing through your mind was NOT "IT'S THE GUBMINT!!!"
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