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we say there will be more crime and violence if they do ban. Both sides claim either action will cause the same result, how is that not the same thing?
Because if you think that's all pro-gun people are saying, you are missing the most important part of the conversation. Having a "safe" society, whether its with more or less guns has never been OUR concern - this is something the antis like to raise "if only one life is saved....." Our quoting crime statistics to rebut their false presumption that more guns means more violence, is just that - a rebuttal to a stupid argument.

My (and many others) main position is that the 2nd Amendment guarantees us the right to keep and bear (carry and/or use) arms. Notice that there is no restriction on what kind of arms, or limitations on why we can keep and bear arms. However, it is understood that our guns are mainly to provide individuals with the ability to combat a foreign insurgence or a tyrant from taking over our government. When our leaders who are elected and work for us fear "the people" so much that they want to take our guns away, that is an indication of a government that may be working more for itself and not for us. Private citizens owning guns are a crucial "check" in our system of checks and balances.
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