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One of the times that sticks in my head;

My son's friend was over at the house. He loves Call of Duty and had wanted to see a real M1 Garand and M1 Carbine.

So I open up the safe pull out a Garand and checked to make sure it was clear.

I hand the rifle to my son's friend and first thing he does is put his finger on the trigger and start pointing that rifle at every living thing in the house. So i tell him be careful where you point that and always keep your finger off the trigger.

So Sam hands the Garand to my son, he checks to make sure it is clear and points the rifle in a safe direction with his finger off the trigger.

I pull out an M1 Carbine, check it and hand it to Sam. Same thing happens, finger on the trigger and pointing the rifle at every living thing in the house.

The kids were about 14 years old at the time. My sons have been shooting since they were 9 years old.

Sam's mother is very anti-gun so poor Sam never has learned to properly handle a firearm. If she wasn't so against it I would have taken him out to the range and trained him properly.
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