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stopped by my steel supplier buddy last night, got 2 samples 3/16" & 1/4" cold rolled steel rod ( the cold rolled is much harder to bend than hot rolled ) I got 6" of each, & took some blue ( because that's my accent color in my room ) heat shrink tube, ( you won't see the heat shrink, when all the guns are in place, the muzzle should go right up to the wood ) & both diameters should work well... if I drill my holes in the wood around 2" deep, it's getting plenty of strength, & allows 4" of rod for insertion into the barrels... everything I'm hanging in this group has at least a 4" barrel, I could use the same arrangement with a shorter rod, for the lil 25 acps, when I get to that point...

... if I like this style as much as I think I will, I may take the revolvers in the pic I posted off that rack, & replace it with this new style ( those can have the boards moved to a new area, & spread out for use on more rifles, so i won't have anything extra in them ) BTW... the space under the top 2 pairs in that pic gets filled this Friday with a pair of new Vaqueros in 357 magnum
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