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The nra seems to be doing nothing but fanning the flames to induce panic buying and price increases.

instead of looking for real solutions and engaging and controling the discussion the nra is simply crying "buy,buy,buy" and "it's the media! it's the media!", and "it's the video games! it's the movies!"

when in reality it's the mentaly disturbed

The NRA is the one organization in this country with the clout in membership and money to effectively fight for gun owners in Congress. Even if you have issues with the NRA, every gun owner should be a member, especially now.

Notice, by the way, how the president's response to the Newtown includes putting more cops in schools. When NRA prez Wayne LaPierre proposed that very thing, he was condemned and derided. And never mind that it was another Democratic prez -- Bill Clinton -- who first put more police in schools back in the 1990s.

All gun owners also should be visiting the Ruger site and the NRAILA website once a week to use their easy email-generating message systems to let the prez and our lawmakers know that we oppose more gun control. Don't leave the fight to someone else. Get involved. Ruger has generated more than 500,000 messages to Congress and the president. It should be 90 million messages.
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