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Watching Yukon Men and Alaska Last frontier no dogs?

Watching Yukon Men and Alaska Last frontier

I get the feeling that having dogs up there would be great for hunting. I mean the people are trekking and glassing over wast areas sure, but dogs would pick up on tracks and either get the animals moving or have them front the dogs so you could sneak up on them easier, a moose cares little about a human if a dog is barking at it.

And hunt more in teams, place people as shooters at designated places/blinds/stands to catch the animals that catch smell of the dog and dog handler.

For bears to, the dogs can alert you sooner. and do the same work as with moose and other animals.

the dogs are already there, sled dogs and our scandinavian spitz type hunting dogs are somewhat related. Surely the native americans used dogs for hunting?

And tracking a wounded dog is easier with a dog.
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