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The usual suspects are all good. Ruger, both revolvers and semi, are good, as are all of Smith & Wesson's offerings. Colt and High Standard, though long out of production are good choices, again both companies made both. Dan Wesson revolvers are some of the best 22's ever made. Browning semi-autos run neck and neck with Rugers in most threads and for a good reason. They're at least just as good. Harrington and Richardson made a number of inexpensive 22's that are still inexpensive and fun if you want to look for them.

Personally, I like all of them and have owned most of them. Right now I've got Rugers, Dan Wesson and High-Standard.

One other bit of advice I always offer. I never look at new ones. I'm always prowling the used section looking for good buys. Example...I found this one, a Ruger Standard semi from 1960, with the box, just after Christmas for less than $200.00 out the door.

Deals like this are well worth looking for.
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