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In my opinion, heavy DA triggers and safeties tend to make most newer shooters LESS safe. They often rely on those features for safe firearm handling instead of doing what they SHOULD be doing; keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and KEEPING THEIR FINGER STRAIGHT AND OFF THE TRIGGER. I can't stress the last part enough; at the shop where I work, I can't tell you how often I hand a gun across the counter and the first thing the customer does is put their finger on the trigger and casually point the gun at me. When I tell them the gun they're holding will fire if they pull the trigger, and if they always keep their finger on the trigger they will end up shooting themselves or someone they love, they usually listen.

Both the Glock and the SIG will fire if you pull the trigger, but only if you pull the trigger; keep your finger indexed above the trigger guard until you're aimed in and ready to fire and it's not an issue. And the heavy, DAO trigger pull of the P250 and the DA/SA trigger on the 2022 both require a lot more training to master than the lighter trigger pull of the Glock. As for the grip angle of the Glock vs. the SIG, that's something you can only decide on from shooting both; I don't like the way the Glock's grip feels when I hold it, but I shoot it well and that's all that matters.

If I had to get rid of ALL my guns but one, I'd choose to keep my Glock 19.
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