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About everything in your post was off base except "the" and "and". You used those words correctly but all else was wrong.

Except this bit...

If you, or someone else, were to argue that only the post war, short-action M&Ps made between 1946 and 1957 are pre-Model 10s, then you may have a firmer argument.
That is exactly what a pre model 10 is.

We don't call 1911s "pre-Model 1911A1s" just as we don't call a Gen 1 Glock a "pre Gen 4". Same as we don't call all planes that aren't 767s "non 767s". This is because it actually makes a difference in the history of the gun and of firearms.

The "pre model 10" designation is a bit controversial with some S&W collectors. Some figure that all M&Ps should just be called an M&P till the model 10, or Pre model 27 or whichever designation began. (In the case of the M27 it began life as the Registered Magnum but S&W ended that practice at a certain point so there was a space of several years where the gun was produced as the ".357 Magnum" before it became the M27).

It does make a difference what things are called and it has for years in the case of lines of guns that small libraries of books have been written about.

A lot of shooters may not know or care but you can bet such differences do matter over to the Colt Forums, the S&W forum, Ruger forum, Sig and Glock forums, etc.


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