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Depends on how you hunt. I can see the AR platform being very good for coyotes, even though they are kind of heavy. I always used a bolt action, I hunted pelts for several years and my coyote setup was my varminting rig, a Mark X Mauser in 22-250 with a 27" #5 profile barrel and a 4-12X scope. As much as I like it, I think a 22-250 may be a little much for coyotes. I have shot them with a 223 as well, and they were just as dead and I was not quite as tired humping the rifle. For pelt hunting, a friend of mine used a 17 Remington, and the entry holes were almost invisible and he had plenty of reach. My guess is that a 204 Ruger would work about the same (and would bark less than a 22-250 as well). So decide what you want to shoot them for, then gun up accordingly. If you want pelts go small, it will damage the pelts less and cause less work for you. If you just want to get rid of them and reach way out, get a little more rifle, lots of folks use their deer rifles on them and just leave the pelts where they fall.
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