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Thanks for all the input so far. It is GREATLY appreciated

I went to my reloading supply shop today and got a hands on look at the Lock N Load AP and Pro 2000.

I'm kinda leaning towards the 2000 at the moment.

I like the fact that on the powder throw it has adjustments marks on it, rather than just a screw to turn. I thought the Hornady had this too, but actually it's just a screw. It'll make it easier to "dial in" on my powder charge. If course I'll still run a few cases through to verify like I always do but it will definatley help.

It looks like they make a auto-indexing version of the Pro 2000 which is a high priority feature for me.

I like RCBS I have several of their single stage presses and have been very satisfied with them so far. especially their warranty.

If I do go with the Pro 2000 a larger hopper will be in the future. Also I noticed their tool heads are a bit pricey. I can live with that though.

It's close between the AP and Pro 2000 but I'm leaning towards the pro 2000.

I'll still be doing more research and considering.

I'll probably have to delay the purchase for a little while cause I have a honeymoon to pay for in a few months. Not to mention the 4 AR builds I need to complete.

So many projects ad not enough cash to go around

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