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I originally posted this:
My recent 627 PC 5 inch was shipped from the factory with a bent frame..! Yes, the barrel was threaded in crooked because the frame was bent. My 360 had a horrible timing issue. S&W fixed them both but it took over 60 days
When I received my 627 after it visted the warranty center, I took it to the range and shot it a bit. It was not shooting 5 feet left at fifty yards anymore. So I put it away in the safe thinking they fixed it. I was also zeroing many rifles that day so I did no pay much attention to the 627. I was told it was fixed.

This last week, I thought I would zero the sights on my recently returned 627. I hung a target at 25 yards. Long story short, it still shoots eight or nine inches to the left at 25 yards. I had to move the sights ALL the way to the right to get it partially in the black!

This experience has left with me a lot to be desired from recent S&W production!

The PC (their crem de la crem) is again going back to S&W.

My older 686's and 681's can out shoot the infamous 627 (AKA boat anchor) ten to one.

I should have just bought a GP100 and another SP101 for the same money...

This was disheartening to say the least.! It is on its second trip to S&W. Why can't they make a $1,200 revolver shoot straight..?

BTW: I thought I was having a bad day at the range. So I tried out my Rugers, i.e. Redhawk, SP101 and my friends GP100. They were dead on!

I think I am done with S&W for a while.... It is sad too.. I like their revolvers but this last episode left a bad taste in my mouth..
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