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Coyote gun?

I recently watched a youtube video regarding "the perfect coyote hunting gun" the guy in the video appeared to own a gun store because in the background you could see a display of guns behind a counter that was the size of one of Cabelas displays. The guy said he had spent something like 20,000 looking for the perfect coyote hunting gun, As much as I love hunting, spending that kind of money sounded crazy to me! anyway long story short he decided that the best coyote gun to him was the AR-15. what do you have to say about that? what do you think is the best coyote hunting gun? Pictures are welcome! Oh and also on a scale of 1-10 what would you rate a Ruger Gunsite Scout for a coyote gun, and why? Im just wondering because I have NO plans on spending 20,000 on finding which gun is the right gun, I will spend about a thousand maybe alittle more for one gun and four or five hundred max on a scope and i will be done. (guns you name do not have to be in that price range, by all means if you find a gun that is great for coyote hunting and is 200-300 PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME! Im not rich!) thank you for your time and please follow all forum rules.
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