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Went to the rang today and gave my Primary Arms Green Dot Reflex sight another try. I adjusted the elevation setting when it was off the mount and it seemed to help.

I was able to sight it in pretty well in just a few shots. I can get 3-5 inch groups at 12 yards at a medium rate of fire. I had no trouble consistently hitting the target at 25 yards at a slow rate of fire.

That all said when I got home my gals new Burris Fastfire III 8 MOA was sitting by the front door. The on/off switch alone is enough for me to want one on my Glock 20 in place of the Primary Arms. Her SR9c Glock mount adapter from Galloway precision has not arrived yet so my G20 got to play dress up for the night. Now I have to save up to get mine!
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