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Originally Posted by cwhit23
When this does end and a first time buyer realizes he got hosed for $100-$200 more than they should've they probably will find another shop to go to and never say a good word about the previous shop. Just my point of view.
You're right that this is a possible consequence of a seller's raising prices in response to increased demand, but the fact that it may not be in the best long-term interest of the merchant doesn't make it "wrong." It may be foolish or short-sighted, but there's no ethical requirement for people to act in their own best interest.

As to "speculation," let's not confuse two different usages of the word. In the example of gas prices, I was using its more restricted meaning of "financial speculation" -- buying up a commodity (or a stock, for that matter) in the belief that prices will rise. This is why gas prices go up whenever there's a good economic forecast; speculators in oil futures are betting that an increase in economic activity will lead to a rising demand for oil, and thus to a rise in the price per barrel.

There may be people who are buying guns at inflated prices, thinking that they'll make money selling them in the event of a ban, but I don't think that applies to most of those who are rushing to buy guns.

I think the "speculation" you're referring to in the case of guns is simply the fear that there will be a ban... the rush to buy guns is driven by that fear, not by the desire to make money.
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