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I've used WD40 when I get caught out in the rain & anticipate it will be a couple of days before I can get it apart & thoroughly clean it out, WD40 & all. Wouldn't leave it in longer than that. As for screwdrivers, we have always searched pawn shops, garage sales, etc. and bought all the quality name drivers (craftsman, snap on, cornwell, etc.) we could find. Broken, chipped, worn out is no problem. We grind them to fit whatever screw we need to remove/replace. Each one can be reground countless times before it is used up. If it gets too hot on the wheel it will start to turn straw color or blue & should be re-hardened & drawn or the tip may chip or break under heavy torque. May sound like a hassle, but having several around to regrind when you need it sure beats running out & trying to find a new one that fits every time you need one..
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