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Oh stop it. This argument entirely ignores the reasonable logic one would present in such a situation. You sound like someone who advocates socialism and ignores basic intuitive rationalization.
Had you bothered to read my whole post before you set up your soap box and megaphone, you would have noticed that I said it came from someone else's post and said the the price increase WAS due to a lack of product. The greed portion was directed at unscrupulous LSG raising prices on items that were not in short supply and causing the manufacturers to possibly raise their prices on those certain items. I also said the market would correct itself.
I guess it's only right when you say it.

I love how defensive people get whenever the issue comes up about over paying. If you feel you need to justify the price you paid, then you probably paid too much.

YOU are the evil that is swallowing the world. Not because you like guns, but because you have drank even the smallest sip of the "Greed/Altruistic" kool-aid that makes our society and economy thrive.
Because price gouging benefits everyone, but hey, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Next time you see something with a ridiculous price tag, don't shake your head, remeber, it's essential for our thriving economy.

Last time I checked, it was still a free country and we are all entitled to our own opinions, however different they may be. Let us agree to disagree.

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