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Dpris makes a good point

I own many S&W and a few Colt revolvers. The Colts are a Detective Special, .38 Spl Trooper (mfd. 1960), Colt Lawman Mk III snubbie and a Colt Officers Model Target - Pre WWII. I really like the Colt revolvers. Even the Mk III. But Dpris makes a good point. Parts are scare even rare now and it isn't advisable to inflict the same amount of usage that you would to your S&W 686 or Ruger SP-101. Those models are still being made and parts are plentiful.

It's the same principal that applies to folks who own and drive vintage automobiles. They take very good care of the cars and drive them once in awhile, but are aware of the fact that parts are hard to find and can be expensive to replace. Consequently the 1937 Buick gets pulled out of the garage for carshows in the summertime and the 2004 Buick Century gets driven everyday 365 days out of the year.

When I do take my Colts to the range I fire maybe 24 or 30 mild 38 Spl 158 grain LRN loads through it. Yes the Colts are strong, but why should I do that? I collect them. My real world "utility" pistols are a couple 9mm Glocks and a S&W Model 49. Now those I guns I shoot and shoot alot.

The Colts are my collector pieces and I treat them accordingly.

I believe that is all Dpris is saying.
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