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Cast bullet garand loads

Well I'm curious if any of you guys out there are using cast bullets in your garand. Ive searched the net but I have not been able to gather specific info. I would love to hear any good loads that actually cycle the action. I've read that they function fine, but then Ive heard of leading issues with the gas port also. Also any loads that don't cycle the action? I'm looking at purchasing 165 grain lead bullets from Missouri bullet company soon. I want to be able to shoot with low recoil at reduced ranges for practice, and with the drought of powder at the moment I'm down to my last pound of 4064 I would like to use pistol powder if possible for the cast loads. I got unique, bullseye, 231. I just want to use the least amount of powder that still provides satisfactory results so I can stretch my supply till this panic subsides. Also are gas checks a necessity? I don't plan to hot rod these loads probable below 2000 fps, thats why its not really vital that they cycle the action but that would be a big plus.
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