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My new EDC: Springfield XD-9 Service Model

I have been carrying a Sig Sauer SP2022, but starting having personal issues with it. First off, I just couldn't get used to the DA/SA trigger. Then what made up my mind was when I was hunting for magazines, I couldn't find any less than $100. So I decided to sell it and get a Glock 19. To my disappointment, I couldn't find one. What I did come across was a Springfield XD-9. It was in my price range and it felt good in my hand.

In the past I have owned a Springfield XD-9 Sub-Compact and was very happy with it's performance and accuracy. The first magazine I fired with it was less than 2 inches at 21 feet. So I figured that a larger frame and longer barrel would be even better.

I took it home and gave it my usual cleaning and lubrication. Then I polished the chamber and feed ramp and had to do something about the somewhat slippery grip. So I spent 3 nights and 6 hours stippling the grip. Now it feels perfect! I have ordered a FIST K3 kydex IWB holster for it and as soon as it gets here, it will be my EDC set-up until it either breaks or something else better comes out. Still waiting for the XDs 9mm for summer carry. That will be the only reason I carry something else. But it is the same shooting platform so I won't have to change anything. Range report to come tomorrow after I get back from the range.

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