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Glock 19 vs Sig P250

I'm new the handgun world and looking for my first gun.
I've been pretty much narrowed it down to these 2 or possibly the Sig 2022. I really don't have access to shoot either gun.
The grip angle of the glock worries me a little. I've been shooting a Ruger P95 and like the way it feels, and for a new shooter I'm pretty accurate with it.

On a side note I plan on getting my CHL in the near future, and while I'll probably get a subcompact eventually. In the meantime I'll carry which ever I end up with.
I'm also concerned about not having a safety on a carry weapon. I know most of you guys prefer not to have one, but I'm leary of sticking a ready to fire inside my waistband. Seems more of a chance of unintentional/neglant discharge than an emergency situation.
I'm sure the more I get familiar and comfortable with the weapon that uneasiness will decline.
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