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It would make a nice travel or range case, but for a serious "bug out" it would be terrible IMHO. Like others have stated, not trying to rain on your parade.

I have a Pelican case that fits my AR-15 and my 1911 with all the mags you can want.. but it is a true beast of a case.

The wheels add weight and nothing more.. your not bugging out walking down the sidewalk.

The .50Beowulf would be one of my last choices for such a situation... large heavy RARE ammo, minimum capacity. 15 round mags might be a "hi-cap" for that gun, but firing under stress those will be empty very quickly, and a true bug out situation... where are you going to resupply for ammo?

I understand your concern for large predators and I've said this in other threads... Yes they are a real threat, but even a .223 with the right rounds.. will kill a bear, and a mountain lion... is it ideal, no.... but you can even kill an engine block with 30 rounds of steel tipped ammo.

I am not saying the .223 is the best round ever.. but it is lighter, you can pack much more volume, and you can find it almost anywhere.

Just my initial thoughts, I will give you props on the nice rig, and rifle, but for ME, it is far from a bug out set up.
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