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3. I've never head any anti argument that goes "ban today because tomorrow might be too late".
I meant they're trying to say ban now because if you wait, it will be too late to save a life. They're playing on emotions and fears.

More bad logic. First, gun bans are not a joke.
Again, you missunderstood my meaning. By joke, I didn't mean funny, I meant that they serve no real purpose since they don't do anything to reduce or remove violence.

Also, I wasn't trying to say gun owners were using a recent tragedy, I was pointing out that the gun grabbers are saying the LGS are using fear itself to further their sales. Fear of not being able purchase guns and the fear of not being able to protect our loved ones due to a gun ban, which would be a "future tragedy".

Both sides are not saying the same thing at all.
Not word for word, but both side are fueled by fear and use potential scenerios to gain support. They say there will be more crime and violence if they don't ban, we say there will be more crime and violence if they do ban. Both sides claim either action will cause the same result, how is that not the same thing?

Sorry if my thoughts didnt come across clearly.

I might not mention the Wild West too much though...didn't some of the legendary sheriffs and marshals calm down their towns by confiscating guns from the cowboys when they rode in?
You are correct. A little fact that I managed to overlook while on my pro gun rant. Lol
Unfortunately, right or wrong, this just goes to show that gun owners have always had to deal with varying forms of gun control.
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