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While I don't personally know anything about the app in question, I can reccomend a gun app that I've found to be very useful. It's called: Gun Disassembly 2. As the name implies, it's main purpose is to show you how to disassemble firearms. It has a demo option that will disassemble them and then reassemble them for you, or you can do it yourself. It also tells you the number of parts and names of all parts. The app is currently up to 64 different available models. The app is free but of course you only get a couple free models. One free model is the Colt 1911, I don't remeber the other free ones, the rest cost .99 a piece. I bought the lifetime membership so I get all future updates for free. IIRC lifetime costs around $20 - $30. Sounds expensive, I know, but it's actually helped me out a few times. It works on pc, iOS, and android.
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