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This is not a result of supply and demand, it is a result of greed. Some stores gouged so much that the manufacturer thinks they can get more, which means the distributors will charge more, which means every LGS will have to charge more to cover their costs.
Oh stop it. This argument entirely ignores the reasonable logic one would present in such a situation. You sound like someone who advocates socialism and ignores basic intuitive rationalization.

1) The panic has established that people are willing to purchase mass quantities of ammunition and rifles at a higher premium.
2) The panic has created a new and wider market of potential buyers for these platforms
3) If the panic subsides and no new bans are in place, then prices
3a) Will stabilize at a slightly lower level but overall higher level because of the increase of consumers and the difficulty for new competitors to enter the market because of government interference and extreme overhead
3b) Will stabilize at pre-panic prices because the influx of market consumption was purely emotional fear-mongering and not representative of a wider market consumer base.

Please illustrate how this is "Greed". Greed is how our society, and in fact all societies are based. To embrace this concept instead of treating it as the pink elephant in the room, we can move forward in social markets generate more capital to satisfy the consumer base.

YOU are the evil that is swallowing the world. Not because you like guns, but because you have drank even the smallest sip of the "Greed/Altruistic" kool-aid that makes our society and economy thrive.
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