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Of those three, and to stay within your budget, The T/C Venture. If you are planning on going after elk and black bear, the .30-06 is more of a "do-all" caliber because of the wide range of bullet weights, but keep in mind all those different weight bullets wont shoot as accurate in the same rifle. They require different barrel twist rates to achieve the best accuracy. I wouldnt hesitate to take the .270 to hunt any of the three types of game you mentioned, it will kill them all quite well. If you dont mind me asking, what made you decide on 30-06 over .270? There's not many critters in the lower 48 that a 150 gr. bullet in a .270 wont cleanly kill. The .270 is simply a necked-down, lighter recoiling version of the .30-06 that offers 110-150 gr. factory ammo. I prefer the .270 as you can tell, but there are as many if not more people out there who prefer the 30-06, it is largely a matter of opinion. You will be pleased with either one.
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