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New Ruger P95, NEW Jams

I just recently purchased a new Ruger P95 from PSA. I just received it last week.

I'm a big fan of P95'S. This is the 2nd one I've gotten.

The NEW P95 won't shoot 2 rounds in a row. I get a jam on ejection ...
To be sure it wasn't ammo or magazines, I can take the same mag with the same ammo, out of my NEW P95 and insert it into my older P95, and it fires just fine.

The only difference is that I put "slide glide" on the slides on my NEW one. Not the old one, the NEW one. I had been indoctrinated that that was a good idea. Maybe it's TOO smooth now?

Failing that, I'll be calling Ruger, I guess tomorrow.

If anyone has any ideas, I appreciate them in advance.


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