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I wanted to come back to this thread so I could let everyone that offered suggestions and advice know what my decision is.
I also want to thank everyone again for all the help.

Today I took the rifle I was thinking about rebarreling to my range and did a little shooting with it.
My range lays east and west with me shooting to the east.

There was a 10 to 20 mph cross wind blowing from the south, but I decided to go ahead and do a little shooting with the rifle.
I ended up shooting five different three shot groups ( I know five shot groups are claimed to be better).

The first four of the three shot groups was 5/16 MOA the last one was 9/16 MOA.
I think the last group was partly me, I guess I could not stand success.

My Sierra manual says my load of IMR 4320 pushing their 55 gr HPBT bullet should be leaving the muzzle at a little over 3200 fps.
However I've not taken the time yet to chronograph this load so I can't say that's fact.

My conclusion is I would not gain much (if anything at all) if I rebarreled the gun so I believe I'll leave it as is.
I just might use the money I was going to spend on a new barrel put a little more with it and buy a new rifle.

There's another plus to keeping the rifle with the original barrel.
I have a small truck I drive most of the time, the truck has a shelf where the sunvisors were.
The rifle fits in this shelf perfectly so it's hiden from plain view of anyone walking past the truck.
If I went with the longer barrel I was considering the rifle would no longer be quite so handy.

Again thanks to everyone that came to this thread with advice.

Best Regards
Bob Hunter

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