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Thank you

thank you for the information boys! I myself don't "hoard" but I got a little bit of .22 lieing around (between 1500-2500, i don't have time to count). Unfortunately I don't have much 30-06 (I have a total of 6 rounds.... yes I said six). This really stinks because it is prime hog hunting season here in Texas. Its to cold for the rattlesnakes to be out, and its perfect temp to be out hunting and I don't have even the slightest bit of ammo for hunting. what would you guys suggest? I have a .243 (its not the most accurate gun and to be honest I have little experience with it so I am unsure of its capabilities. I also have a 30-30 but my prime hunting grounds for hog is a large forest (200+ acres of forest). I sit at the edge of the brush in a spot I have set up that is overlooking a open field of approximately 600 yards and 30-30 isn't great for that range. I also have a 7mm Rem mag but the ammo was crazy priced before the CT tragedy, I don't even want to know what a box of it cost now. should I try to use .22?
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